Make Money On Clickbank - 2 Ways To Increase Traffic

If you are a complete newbie to internet marketing and don't want to spend money on softwares or something else that can increase your traffic and sales there is a couple of free methods I will share with you right now.

I will talk about the 2 best ways to increase traffic to your website or blog.

1. Article Marketing

If you want long term traffic, article marketing is the answer ! The first thing you should do is to find good keywords that are not so competitive. Let's say you want to write an article about "Weight Loss" and you also want to be in the firstplace in Google when someone search on weight loss. This is almost impossible to do ! The word weight loss is EXTREMELY competitive.

You should always look for keywords that are longer and more specific. The subject you write about must be related to your website also. I have seen people write about dating in an article and then when I click on the link I one time came to a website about real estate.... Not so clever.

When someone ask me where they should post there article I always recommend

Thats is the best article directory you can find right now!

So, if you choose the right keyword, write an informative article and also place a link that point to your site you can make very good money on clickbank if you have a clickbank product that you promote in your site.

This is the easiest way to get started with internet marketing and it is also 100% free!

2. Post comments on forums and blogs

If you have a website that have relevance to forums and blogs about your topic this is a great way to increase traffic. In these forums and blogs there are hundreds of readers that you can attract to your site easily and earn money when you sell a clickbank product about this topic. But remember, don't leave hundreds of spam comments. Write something interesting and post it instead. You will get higher in the search engine + that you'll have more visitors.

Could it be more simple ?

This is 2 great ways to increase traffic and make more money on clickbank but if you really want to make the "big bucks" you should try the Rapid Cash Traffic Software! With this flick switch automated software you can bank 204.139$ in clickbank cash VERY FAST !

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